We'll get your packages moving!
Broken Window?
Baells Can Help!
We offer custom glass cutting to replace damaged
widow & door glass in sizes up to 36" x 48".

When accidents happen, we can help!
Call us for all your window glass needs!
We can custom cut & thread the galvanized
pipe we sell to fit your needs perfectly!

We can help with Galvanized, Black Iron pipe, Copper
Tubing, PVC and Vinyl & Plastic Tubing!
Need a particular length of pipe?
Don't need a whole piece?
We've Got Your Color!
Digital Color Matching!
Come see the experts at our Paint Center before starting your next project.  Our Paint Department features Royal & Clark + Kensington brand paints to give you the highest quality products available while offering you endless options.

Computerized color matching is offered to provide you with the exact color and finish that you are looking for.
Out-going Shipping Service
Small Car... BIG Package?
No Problem!
Local delivery is *available for larger items that you can't transport on your own.

If you need delivery, we can make it happen! See us at Baells today!
Don't run around on empty!

Baells can fill your tanks!
We fill 20 lb. 30 lb and 100 lb propane cylinders!

We now have convenient access for your RV! Just pull
in and park and we'll "fill'er up" while you wait!
Do the words
"Some Assembly Required"
make you nervous?
Don't Sweat it!
Where's your keys?
Keys are one of the easiest things to misplace or lose. It's also very easy to get one or two extra keys to keep just in case! It's always a good idea to have a few extras!

We make all types of keys from automotive to house keys.

A spare key can get you out of a tight! Come by Baells and get a few extras today!
Need Something Faxed?
Baells Can Help!
We offer out-going fax service to assist you in getting your important documents
where they need to be
We can rekey your old locks to work with a new key so you can avoid the hassle and expense of buying all new locks.

We can also key multiple new locks to work with a key you already have, saving you the aggrivation of cutting piles of new keys.

Whatever your rekey needs, Baells can fix you right up!
We Rekey Locks!
Drop off your UPS packages and we'll ship it via UPS!

We're here for your convenience!
*Some deliveries may incur charges.         See Store for details.
Drive up
We put together lots of products for  customers every year!

We can get it together and have you on your way in no time!

Allow us to *assemble your purchase
and save you time & trouble!
May incur additional charges. See Store for details.
Click here to print a coupon for a FREE key!
Don't Worry...
Carry Out...

Please Notice...

Our Customer Associate assisting you with curbside can take your
payment into the store to be processed.
They will bring you back the receipt from your purchase and, should you be using cash, any change due back from your transaction.

Baells cannot be responsible for change discrepancy issues or missing items after you leave our property.

Thank You!
Please allow up to 5 minutes for Curbside Assistance to get to you.
Our employees may be busy with other customers.
Please call us for
Curbside Assitance at